Audit + remediation

In order to bring your web properties up to par with the latest accessibility standards, I’ll conduct a full audit and test with assistive technology.

I’ll work with your design and development teams in remediating found issues to ensure maximum usability and accessibility for all users.

We’ll finish with a round of validation, verifying all changes are set in place and ready for production.

One extra step which is strongly recommended is to conduct usability test sessions with people with disabilities. I can aid in setting up remote sessions where participants will be more comfortable and confident in testing and providing real, honest feedback. With this new insight into the accessibility of your product, we can repeat the process once more to ensure a highly usable and accessible experience for all.

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Workshops + training

My full-day and half-day workshops on web accessibility best practices are available for your team or conference attendees to 1-up their skillset and daily workflows.

We can chat beforehand in order to address specific topics that your team or audience is looking for in order to get maximum value from our day together.

Design Workshop

Design workshop consists of topics such as:

  • Color contrast
  • Form design
  • Animation
  • Typography
  • And more…

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Development workshop

Development workshop includes:

  • Keyboard best practices
  • Testing with screen readers
  • Page structure
  • Image alt text
  • ARIA
  • And much more…

Near the end of the full-day workshop I like to carve out some time to conduct live audits. I’ve found auditing a piece of UI someone is working on makes things that much more relatable and memorable.

Slide decks can be made available for download for you and your team to keep and reference as needed.

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Code + design review

Let’s get to the nitty gritty details and bake accessibility in from the beginning.

Design review

Design reviews are key. Not only can we immediately test for color contrast issues, I’ll also help your design team annotate various pieces of UI including the appropriate HTML elements required. Annotations also point out roles, properties, and states needed for screen reader technology. With these notes, developers will know exactly what markup to write, saving time on QA and bug reports post launch.

Code review

Let’s catch issues before they go to production. I’ll dive in to your codebase and provide feedback and recommendations based on accessibility best practices stemming from usability research and the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. We’ll also write automated tests to include in your CI environment to help prevent regression using trusted, third-party testing suites.

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Let's work together

After reading all this and decide you'd like to work with me, feel free to send me a note!