I Sold Streambadge

I just successfully sold my startup, Streambadge. It's a strange feeling. Putting very little time and effort into something, and getting some money out of it. That's never happened before. What's also strange is letting something go that you once had total control and creative freedom over.

To be honest, I was done with the project for a while. I've had a busy couple years and really just want to focus on my current position at Shopify. I had no time nor the energy or interest to continue maintaining it, even though I had some pretty sweet ideas to make it better.

I'm really not sure what the future holds for it. The person I sold it to doesn't seem to be a developer, but it's not my place to judge. I hope they do something with it as it's gained quite a large user base. If the analytics are at all accurate, this thing was getting a few million hits a month. I don't know if that's anything to shake a stick at. I'd say it would be since I did zero marketing or advertising for it. I just created it and let it go into the wild. Clearly, people found it one way or another and are using it.

Will I regret selling? Only time will tell. If I had help in trying to monetize and add some sort of subscription based system, I might have kept it. But really, I didn't want to get into all of that, handling people's money and scary legal stuff. I'm just happy people are using it.

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