Accessible "Read More" Links

The Problem

Ah yes, the elusive "Read More" link. These are a common design treatment to instruct users to, indeed, read more. Yet, when it comes to an AT user, links like these give too little context to be meaningful.

Here's an example of what we're refering to:

Read More

If you were using a screen reader right now, how would you know what this link meant? Read more about what?

A Possible Solution

Here's an easy and effective solution to give users more context:

Read More about the topic this article is pertaining to.

See any extra text? Me neither. This is the result of the .visuallyhidden CSS class hiding the extra text. If you were to test this with a screen reader, it would read aloud the full text within the <anchor> element and the hidden <span> element, giving much more context to the user. This lends further details on what the user is about to click and is indeed what they're looking for.

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