Donating to #TeamTrees

Donating to #TeamTrees


The donation to #TeamTrees has been sent! This month's profit from 10 orders ended up totalling $88.02. I decided to round-up to the nearest 100, so this plus my matching ended up netting a cool $200! That's another 200 trees planted. Way to go, gang! 

Team Trees donation badge:, 200 Trees, January 1st 2020. Quote, 'Nothing About Us Without Us!' #a11y

During the month of December until January 1st, 2020, I'll be donating 100% profits from my store to #TeamTrees. They're so close to reaching their 20 million mark – let's do this! 💪🥄🌦🌳🙌

I'll even up the ante; I'll match the donation with my own pocket money up to $1k. This means, if I manage to pull off $1000 in profit (or more) until January 1st, I'll put in my own $1000 and donate a total of $2000 (or more) to #TeamTrees.

Buy some sweet #a11y merch and help plant some trees at the same time!


I like to breathe. I assume you do, too.

I'll update this post with the total donation when the time comes. Until then, watch this video…


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